Truck Bumpers

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Truck bumpers have been developed in order to protect automobiles from dents and scratches. Made of different materials they offer protection to the more vulnerable parts of a truck.  

A factory bumper is usually a good suit for a truck offering enough protection but sometimes a sturdier bumper is required or you simply already need to change it and maybe there’s a better alternative.

Bumper Material

Truck bumpers can be made out of a variety of materials. Most OEM truck bumpers are made out of plastic, called polyresin which is impact resistant in case of collision but hard to repair in case it rips.

Truck bumpers that are easier to repair are those made of fiberglass but these tend to crack even at minor collisions.

For work-use or off-road trucks, steel truck bumpers are a great choice because they are very durable but weight a lot. 

Bumper Styles

The major role of truck bumpers is to provide protection and in order to achieve a greater level of security the style of the truck bumper is as important as the material.

Five styled of truck back bumpers exist: standard, deep drop, roll pan, step, and tube bumpers.

  • The standard bumper is straight line with rounded edges and a flat top and is the style that most trucks have.
  • The deep drop bumper is usually find on older models and offers heavy-duty towing capacity and has the sides angled toward bottom middle.
  • The roll pan bumper is a straight line style with rounded sides and the step bumper has a cutout in the center resembling a step.
  • The tube bumper is a model made of double tubes stacked one on another.

For the front bumper it is important what the truck in intended for. In the case that it is not used for heavy duty, towing, emergency or other the style provided from fabric is usually the best suitable.

Truck bumpers have the role of both protecting the truck on the road and protecting the truck and the passengers in case of collision.