Steel Bumpers for Ford Truck

Although Ford vehicle are known for their toughness, the toughest truck can be compromised without protection. In case you are the kind of people who love to take truck off-roading on a regular basis, you should invest in sets of steel truck bumpers. They protect you as well as your vehicle from rough terrains. Also, in case your ford truck get stuck in the mud, you can pull it without worrying about the factory bumper being ripped off. Vengeance Front Bumper

Steel Bumpers vs. Factory Bumpers

Factory installed bumpers aren’t the best for your Ford vehicle. They usually have a lower quantity of steel or aluminum bracing beneath a bumper cover sometimes made of ABS plastics. Also, the use of a factory bumper is always an inconvenience to outfits with accessories like lights and winches. When it comes to toughness and broad categories of accessories, steel bumper for ford makes more sense. Premium Front Bumper

Steel bumpers for ford truck bumpers technology

In the past few decades, Ford vehicles used steel bumpers that were very thick. With the advancement of technology, the strength of steel is decreasing as the gauge of steel decreases. In other words, technology has allowed the creation of steel bumpers that are lighter and stronger than the past. Steel for bumpers often increases the bumper life since it decreases the effect of corrosion. Most Ford steel bumpers for off-road application are powder coated to resist scratches, corrosion, and minor dings. Black Steel Elite Front Bumper

What you should know about installing steel bumpers on your Ford Vehicle

Not all ford drivers experience desirable changes after adding a steel bumper. The front of the vehicle may sag a few inches, and the driver may suffer a slight loss of clearance. However, the sag can be corrected with new springs. Also, the weight of the steel bumper affects the ride quality, and the solution is to replace shocks and springs.


As you can see, before adding a steel bumper to your Ford, it is essential to learn more about steel bumpers. We know the passion of off-roading in your Ford-Truck, therefore using steel bumpers is the best way to protect yourself as well as your truck. Black Steel Front Bumper