Servicing Underground Cables with the Help of Vacuum Trucks

In the past, vacuum trucks were utilized to remove excess water that pool on man-made and natural waterways and consequently reduce the gravity of flooding and minimize pooling. Nowadays, with the development of high flow and high capacity vacuum systems, these vacuum trucks are incorporated with technologies that can make them render other services. One of their applications includes assistance in servicing underground cables, as they are used to safely and quickly excavate earth through the process called non destructive digging or potholing.  Vacuum Trucks

Civil contractors in the past used time consuming and backbreaking manual methods in digging the ground to access the cables and service them. As years went by, their methods were replaced with more automated ones, such as using the equipments backhoe and digger derrick to speed up the process. However, they run the risk of damaging the cables that need to be repaired, as well as damaging other cables that are yet in perfect condition. Because of that costly risk, potholing was developed to carry out the process efficiently, quickly and safely.  Bucket Trucks

Advantages of Using Vacuum Trucks 

There are so many advantages that vacuum trucks have over the usual digging methods using axes and pikes as well as digger derricks and backhoes. Here are some of them: 

Fast and Efficient - vacuum trucks work very efficiently and quickly when excavating earth, just as easily as a knife would cut through gelatin. In addition to that, it can finish excavation just in a few minutes, unlike traditional methods that will normally take hours. 

Effortless - operating vacuum trucks only requires one to two contractors maneuvering the equipment by only a few push of buttons. This is a great relief from manual digging methods that require a lot of manpower. 

Mess-free - because digging is carried out by blasting the ground with water and immediately suctioning the sludge into a container tank, there is no pile-up of soil. The collected earth in the container tank can be sent to a treatment facility to have the soil and water separated for reuse.  Vacuum Truck for Sale

Safety of underground utilities - the best advantage of using vacuum trucks is that it allows non destructive digging. The equipment is powerful enough to break earth and suction it but is gentle enough not to cause destruction of underground cables as well as other underground utilities will be avoided. Truck Sales