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Why Add Aftermarket Bumpers to Your Off-Roader?

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With such a huge online market that is growing more and more each day, it isn't surprising to know that people buy aftermarket bumpers for different reasons.

  • It can be because of a worn-out or broken bumper because after all, an aftermarket bumper is less expensive than when you buy the new piece from dealers.

  • Sometimes people buy truck bumpers to improve the appearance of their vehicle.

  • Many parts are bought to increase their offroader's power.

  • The rear bumper diffuser may be bought for both presentation and performance.

Aftermarket bumpers come in different styles and sizes, so the choice depends on your offroader's makeup and what you’re trying to achieve.

Airflow Considerations

As the vehicle moves in the air, the corresponding flow of air over your whole truck or Jeep can be on top and also underneath and the critical part is when the air flows under your car.

Airflow under a car is faster and can produce the phenomena known as down force, which is what holds a vehicle to the road and then improves cornering and hi-speed stability.

It is always built into a race car although it is showing up on more street cars.

The method that is used to increase the down force is the rear bumper diffuser and there are ways the work can be done to solve all these.

The problem can happen when the stream of high-velocity air from under body meets with the airflow which is much slower than the ambient atmosphere which is coming from the car and also behind it.

This air stream collision causes turbulence that can be very dangerous.

An aftermarket bumper diffuser is actually designed to offer an area where, when air between the airflow of the car and external airflow meet at one point, a boundary is created and the air is less turbulent.

So consider carefully what you want to achieve with an aftermarket bumper and then find the best one to suit your needs!